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"Fy Maen yn Hir"

Posted: 09 October, 2023

looks up

Blimey, er, time's kinda flown. But what a year. I posted in INTERLUDE that I needed to sort myself out before the Winter of Discontent II landed. Well, we got through that. We also found a house, went through 5 months of ballache buying it, moved (again), and I'm now up to my neck in DIY. I did a contract for Rockstar, on stuff I'll probably never be able to talk about. I made a couple of web games for people. I did some teaching. And somewhere along the line, a year had passed. Oh... and I signed a game.

And it wasn't Maenhir...

But Maenhir's not dead!

There's a fair amount of overlap between the new project and what's left to do in Maenhir. And vice-versa; I've already taken bits from Maenhir and put them in nu-game. I like to think that I'm creating my own little Cinematic universe, of puns, gaming Dad jokes, and Zub references.

Nu-game's official announcement is a few weeks away -- I think the publisher will knock up a press release, and maybe a teaser -- but it's not a massive secret. I'm posting on Mastodon and Pixelfed, so keep an eye on those for a bit, and I'll get back to posting more frequent updates here.